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  1. Hi Laura! Wow,yYummy blog candy! Great job on the kit. I couldn’t see the butterfly mini on Slide… so I’ll have to go check out your YT channel after this! 🙂 Let’s see… so I’m working on personalizing the mini-album Marie (AlohaNMabuhay) made for our Expo mini-album swap last month… I’m having fun playing around with all the TA glimmer mist I got from Expo… and I’m having a blast playing with the Perfect Pearls I just got about a week ago… and I’m getting ready to start on my mini-album swap for scrapbeach… and… hmm… there’s more but not enough room… tee heee! 🙂 LOVE ur blog. Off to Youtube to watch your vid now! hugs, Arlene 🙂

  2. Hi, Laura your butterfly minis is amazing , love all the colors , and thanks for the opportunity to win this kit, I would love to have it , I’m working on my blog now so I’ll be anounsing your candy at scrakbook.com

  3. Laura, what an amazing mini. After watching your youtube video, you mentioned you would have the template for sale. Did I hear wrong, or will this kit be up for purchase? I would love to buy one if I don’t win your blog candy. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  4. Laura, I absolutely love your butterfly mini album, what a great idea. As soon as I saw it mentioned on scrapbeach.ning.com I came over right away to watch your video. I have joined the scrapbeach community and I am trying to think of a perfect mini album for the swap. I am also trying to make myself a mini journal for all my tasks (like filofax but cute). Anyway I love the blog candy, thanks for making it available to someone and love the mini. I’ll be mentioning you on Love4Memories.wordpress.com.

  5. way way cute great work i just visit your blog for first time than to the girl of scrap beach and your butterfly is way cute i love it of course i will post your candy blog have a wonderfull week 😀 good luck to everyone 😀

  6. hi! wow beautiful like always ..i don’t have a blog ..yet. not to much time left after work..but i work on a women and babies hospital and i will be using lot of idea and Technics with my patients..I love your albums they are awesome! thanks! i will be sure to post what ever we create… thanks again!

  7. Hi Laura, I do not have a blog but have been telling my friends about your blog and especially this wonderful album. Very cool idea!! I am working on a baby book right now for my neice and a heritage book for a friend. Will be super busy this week-end, yay!! I have subscribed to this blog and the youtube. Thanks for the chance to win!

  8. Love your blog, youtube videos and all your GGS stuffI have been working on a mini album for my daughter of her pictures from Warped Tour(huge rock concert with like 60 bands). Thanks so much for sharing your work.

  9. Heee…aren’t these blog candy giveaways tHE FUNNEST!!
    I’m working on my GGS August (ooh its late) swap mini album for Joyce the sweetest gingerbread gal EVER!!
    I hope your having a great time and love your blog!!! 🙂
    with a grin,

  10. Wow Lady you are very talented! I was amazed! You inspired me to try to make my own shaped album! I am now a follower on your blog and a youtube subscriber. I will post about your amazing blog candy on my blog amyvlovestv.blogspot.com today! Oh, I hope I hope I win!!! Awesome!

  11. Love that butterfly mini, what an AMAZING job! I am currently working on my mini for the TWS @ thescrapbeach.ning.com. So far its coming out pretty good! I am a subscriber of your YT channel & blog, gonna post your blog candy on mine now!

  12. Your flutter mini is truly an inspiration. I stumbled upon the video at youtube while searching for other scrapbook ideas. It took some searching to find your blog, but I’m finally here and loved looking at all of your creative ideas. Thank you for sharing and for the opportunity to try to gain some of your goodies. I’ll be sharing with a group of scrappers since I’m not a blogger.

  13. Hi!
    Your minis are beautiful. You are an inspiration. I’m going to start working on my first mini for my mom’s 70th bd. I ussually work 12/12. Thank you.
    best regards,
    Wanda Contreras

  14. gorgeous butterfly book! I’m working on swaps for ATCs, mini albums and calendar pages. Lots to do. I’m going to try to put this link on my blog, not sure how yet but if I can’t figure it out, I’ll put a note on my blog about your site. I’ve already subscribed to your YouTube videos and have enjoyed them.

  15. Hi Laura.. I am new to all this blogging. I started a page just so I could get in on this blog candy. This butterfly album is just beautiful. It’s the most creative album I have seen on youtube.com. I will be posting it on my page, as soon as I figure it out! (Or my husband does.) ~ Char

  16. Oh my goodness… I came across your lovely blog and am so excited for this!! I am currenlty working on MINI ALBUMS! I am learning how to make my OWN :). I have also been making my own embelishments out of recycled chipboard boxes… I LOVE IT 🙂 anyways….I am definitly posting this on my blog & suscribing… I am new to the blog world, so I’m not sure if too many people will see it! Thank you so much….again 🙂

  17. WOW!!! Laura I want one!!!! Even if I dont win I would LOVE to have your templates if you are offering them!! I will make a post on my blog and I have followed as well…I am currently working on my TWS mini album swap for Life on the Scrap Beach so I’m busy busy busy…also one of my fav’ techniques is using one layer of UTEE (ultra thick embossing enamel) on my chipboard pieces to offer a bumpy, water splat wet look. Very cool and tons of texture, try it out! Thanks so much for this opportunity!!
    Many Hugs,

  18. Your butterfly mini is beautiful….hopefully your hubby will appreciate the hard work and the beauty of it. I have mentioned your candy on my blog today lifeisascrap.blogspot.com, I became a follower of your blog, and subscribe to you youtube vid (1Ducks2007). Just got back from Michaels and I picked up several stamps and grade school DCSW paper from joanns.

  19. Laura, I love your butterfly album. My girlfriend’s b-day is in Oct. She has the most amazing garden in her backyard and she has hundreds of butterflies. She has captured so many beautiful pictures of her butterflies. I would love to make her a similar album as her gift. I have already subscribed to your YT channel (TouchedByAngels2) Thanks for sharing, I am looking forward to your tutorial.

  20. Hi there Laura 🙂 your butterfly mini album is just fabulous! i love how you put all the details and all the papers and embellies that goes in that album. And thanks for giving a chance to win your gorgeous candy. Your link was posted on the left side panel of my blog and already a subscriber to your youtube videos. Happy scrapping! 🙂

  21. I love your butterfly mini. I like the pockets on each wing to let you have more room for photos and journaling. i don’t have a blog but i’m going to email my friends and let them know. thanks fr a chance to win.


  22. Wow that is so beautiful!!! what a great idea to make a butterfly album! I love how u decorated all the pages too…so nice!

    I would love to win this kit! I am a follower and I will also add a link to ur page on my facebook!

  23. Oh my goodness this is one of the most creative and gorgeous albums I’ve ever seen! I appreciate you sharing it with us all.
    I’ve just recently gotten into scrapbooking so I’ve been trying to learn and absorb as much as I can.
    I really like the different textures so I’ve been buying things to create more texture in my scrapbooking – such as canvas, flock and paints.

    I really enjoy your creations and have subscribed to both blog & youtube channel. Cheers!

  24. WOWSERS!!! Candy! Yay.
    I’m a newbie with these mini albums (have yet to make one). I’ve always done scrapbook albums but certainly am intrigued by this altered art. I’m also in a foreign land with this blogging. (don’t have one)…however…I do subscribe to your YT channel and when you said you’d be selling the pattern on etsy I went right away and ordered one (I’m doglover1920) the instructions look easy to follow and now I know what my girlfriends and fellow scrappers are getting for Christmas, I’ve already cut the templates out and will start the albums tonight.
    I’ll be spreading the word via email, and also at my LSS.
    Thanks for sharing your outstanding talent!

  25. yipee blog candy i am already a follower on your you tube channel! I am new to the mini albumd thing just created my first one last month, but I am hooked so much fun. You videos are very inspiring to us newbies!thanks for sharing your talent

  26. aloha laura!
    i stumbled upon your youtube videos and i absolutely love all of your work! the book about your dad was touching. your butterfly mini is so intricate and beautiful! thank you for sharing your great ideas!
    i am currently addicted to minis. i am trying to make an envelope mini for my friend who is going to visit japan…so she can have a keepsake of her trip.
    i will definitely tell people to check out your videos and blog.
    take care and have a great weekend!

  27. I can’t even imagine how you came up with this wonder mini book. The video of the butterfly album was beautiful. Thank you for making the give-away. It would truly be exciting to win it. It would make me stretch my talents. I am new to this hobby and it has taken over any free time I have. I am trying to make a Christmas book for a friend. I hope it will be as wonderful as yours.

  28. I am totally new to scrapbooking..I have tons of stuff and have been viewing vids like crazy! I am so addicted! I am a sponge soaking up everyones wonderful talent. I spread the word to all of my friends and client’s showing them your blog, videos and wonderful giveaway. We have even started a small craft group. I viewed your butterfly vid on youtube…what can I say..awesome!!!

  29. Your butterfly was truly amazing! I saw it while visiting life on a scrapbeach and just WOW! Great job. I am attempting to complete my first mini paper bag book and I’ll just say it’s not as easy as it looks.

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