Well, today was the first day of school. Hooray!! I thought that was going to mean uninterrupted time to work on a few tutorials and get my Blog Candy up. Ah, the best laid plans! My husband and I got new iphones yesterday and we got them up and working late last night. This morning, I got my son off to his first day of middle school and was getting ready to take my daughter to the bus. I ran in to the “little girls room” before we headed out. I’ll spare you the details but, my brand new iphone (I had only made 1 phone call on it, mind you!!) decided to commit suicide in the toilet bowl. So, instead of a fun day at home BY MYSELF, I spent the late morning and early afternoon at the Apple store replacing my phone…. not fixing… replacing. You see, iphones and water do not go together. So, basically, I dropped $200 down the toilet!! What a day!

I plan to TRY to get the blog candy up tonight after dinner. Thanks for your patience!!