I have a BIG shout out to give to one of my AWESOME followers – Melissa Merrit (aka missa424 on Ustream).

Melissa has made a listing of ALL of my Ustream shows with show titles, archive page numbers, and whether or not there is a pattern available for that show! WOWZA! This was a TON of work and I give huge hugs and mucho Thank You”s on behalf of myself and all of the Ustreamer’s.

I can truly say that we have the most GENEROUS and giving people on the internet in our amazing little community. I quite literally burst into tears when she sent this to me….I know how much work this was to put together. She has posted it over on my Ning site and will keep it updated. Please send your Thank You’s to Melissa.

The countdown is on for leaving for CHA. I am finishing up the last bits and pieces of samples that I am carrying down with me. Whew! It has been a crazy week weather-wise and otherwise around here. Looking forward to getting some sleep while in Anaheim (yea, right!).

I will be posting my projects here on Sunday. I am allowed to show them as soon as the actual show starts so I will schedule the blog posting for Sunday morning. We will also be doing a Ustream show Sunday evening from Anaheim….keep an eye out here and on my Facebook and Twitter for details!

Class is ON for Ustream on Friday night (7pm Pacific)…..see you then!


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