I need to make a clarification about ordering and payments for kits. I know many of you are excited about the kits I have available and I have worked out arrangements with a few of you who have needed to make special arrangements with me regarding payment for those kits. I am glad I am able to do so on a limited basis.

I do notice something that has been happening with greater frequency and I need to re-establish a policy and make note of it publicly. Several people have put in kit orders indicating that they will be paid by Check or Money Order. That is fine, I have that option available for those in the US. However, if you place your order by that method, I need to receive the payment within 5 working days. It is unfortunate that I need to enforce this policy. Too many have placed their order and then it sits for a couple of weeks. This pulls the item out of my inventory, and yet I don’t know when, or if, you are going to pay for your order. This makes my bookkeeping much more difficult. I am sorry but I can’t be a bank or a lay away plan without you having made prior arrangements with me. I am now forced to cancel any orders for which I do not receive payment within the 5 working days  unless you have made arrangements with me PRIOR to placing your order. If you talk to me in advance and we make arrangements, no problem! I am open to helping you out, but you must talk to me first!

Thank you all for understanding my position on this subject!


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