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I need to make a clarification about ordering and payments for kits. I know many of you are excited about the kits I have available and I have worked out arrangements with a few of you who have needed to make special arrangements with me regarding payment for those kits. I am glad I am able to do so on a limited basis.

I do notice something that has been happening with greater frequency and I need to re-establish a policy and make note of it publicly. Several people have put in kit orders indicating that they will be paid by Check or Money Order. That is fine, I have that option available for those in the US. However, if you place your order by that method, I need to receive the payment within 5 working days. It is unfortunate that I need to enforce this policy. Too many have placed their order and then it sits for a couple of weeks. This pulls the item out of my inventory, and yet I don’t know when, or if, you are going to pay for your order. This makes my bookkeeping much more difficult. I am sorry but I can’t be a bank or a lay away plan without you having made prior arrangements with me. I am now forced to cancel any orders for which I do not receive payment within the 5 working days  unless you have made arrangements with me PRIOR to placing your order. If you talk to me in advance and we make arrangements, no problem! I am open to helping you out, but you must talk to me first!

Thank you all for understanding my position on this subject!


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  1. As a suggestion – have you ever used the “square”? You could manually put in (or swipe) a person’s credit card number and a receipt would be emailed to the customer immediately. There is a charge of 2.75% per transaction that you could tack on OR you could pay a set monthly fee. I use this for my stationery business and it works out great. The money immediately goes into your account that you have set up. Just in case you haven’t heard of the “square”.

    1. I already use Paypal for 98% of the orders…it is the most secure and trusted payment system on the web. I do not access anyone’s financial info that way, it is all handled by Paypal. People can use a credit or debit card or they can use their checking account with an eCheck. Paypal even has a time pay method available. This post was about the small percentage of people who put orders in via the Pay by Check or Money Order option. Some people prefer this method as they are not comfortable with paying online. I accept that and it is why I have the option. Unfortunately some are using it as either a layaway plan or place orders and forget about them. I am just trying to clean this up and help keep the available kits available for those who want them.

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