I am working on the Ustream schedule for the coming months and would love a bit of feedback as to the types and styles of projects you would like to see. While I have ideas for projects, I would love to know if I am on the right track with what YOU want to work on with me and what sort of scheduling works best….

I am not looking to make any major changes! I just have a few holes to fill in on the schedule and wanted to make sure I was on the right track and not overlooking something you may want to work on before I filled them in.

Please take a minute or two to fill out this little survey!

I would like to see more of the following project types:

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I am interested in the following themes:

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Laura is scheduling fewer projects with more classes for each project. I like these classes to be held on:

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When it comes to kits for the projects:
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Thank you all for you input! I want to schedule projects that are what YOU want to do! You all are the best!


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