I receive tons of emails each day. That is awesome and I welcome your questions and comments. I do have a request however. For the fastest answer to about 95% of the questions asked in the emails I receive, please check the Project Status tab here on my website. I update the info there every morning and as new info becomes available.

To answer the #1 question I receive – the TTP USB/and DVD’s are in process of shipping. Over half are out so far. These are the EXACT same videos that everyone who has purchased the system has access to through your account. Negative comments on social media and angry emails do not help me to get them out any faster….I am doing my best. I have worked very hard to keep everyone informed on this subject via my website, on FB and my Ustreams.

As many of you who attend my Ustream shows are aware, my assistant is away for nearly two weeks as she is off to Missouri to await the birth of a brand new niece due to arrive at any moment. Timing for this joyous event couldn’t be worse for my schedule as I have two major series projects to be assembled and shipped out. In addition to assembling and packing these kits, I am also working to get samples completed and patterns written for these projects. Unfortunately cloning technology is running behind where I need it to be!! LOL!! I wish I had an army of helpers to come in to help but I don’t…you are stuck with just me and I am trying no to panic about getting everything out in time. The much anticipated Thumbelina project for National Scrapbook Day has a date associated with it, so it can’t slide to a new date. I am trying hard to keep the Maple Street Bookstore/Garden Shoppe on schedule. The vast majority of you are very patient and you have no idea how much that is appreciated!

In addition to all of this, my husband and I are in the process of having to make some potentially life changing decisions regarding his job. My husband has worked as an engineer for Boeing for over 30 years… they have been very good to us. Like many huge corporations in the US, they go through transitionary periods as business and technology changes and shifts. My husbands current position ends later this year. He won’t be out of a job, but will be moving into a different position within the company. Boeing is a diverse company and much of the engineering work available to him is now out of our immediate area in Everett (about and 1 1/2 north of us) or in other parts of the country. My stress levels are high as we have to weigh the impact to our family in the decisions we make. The potential for moving within the area or across the country is very high. With Trevor nearing the end of high school in a special program that has been working for him and Sarah about to start high school, the impact on them can be huge. We also have two elderly Mom’s that will be affected. While I can run my business from anywhere, the thought of moving and maintaining some degree of a schedule is overwhelming.

Regardless of all of this, I just keep eating the elephant one bite at a time. I will get everything out, though I may have to shift the start of the Maple Street shop to after National Scrapbook Day or you may receive your kit a day or two after the Ustream shows have begun. Please be aware I am working as fast as I can.

Aside from these immediate projects, I do have a few bits and pieces of past projects that need to be completed that have NOT been forgotten. The Southern Belle house is still under way and I am trying to get it completed as soon as I can. (Believe me, these projects weigh on me much more than any of you!) I also need to complete the finished pages and add the photos to complete the Center Part pattern (everything to make the album is complete the album, the photos of the completed pages is the only thing missing). I also need to complete the written tutorial for the Jelly Roll Album that we did for the VooDoo house. All dimensions and assembly instructions for that album were given out on the Ustream show for that project, I just need to get the Snap Guide written.

I do see many of the veiled comments over on Facebook with angry tones about putting up new projects when these older ones are not complete. This whole thing of doing Ustream shows, patterns, and kits has taken on a identity of its own and it can be like a freight train. I can’t just bring the train to a dead stop to finish up these delayed items and then start the train again. It becomes a delicate balancing act trying to be creative while getting the business end of things moving forward. This “thing” is much like an iceberg with TONS more that goes on behind the scenes that no one is aware of. I find my self saying “I don’t want to do this anymore!” nearly everyday. But, then I get an email from someone who is housebound thanking me for providing her access to something she loves or I get an kind note from someone who has given a project as a gift and how it has created a few moments of joy and I know I will keep going. Some days the road is just bumpier than others…but it is worth it. Once again, I thank you for being patient with me!

I am posting this only to keep everyone informed, therefore I have turned of the comments for this post. Just wanted to reach the largest number of people efficiently, nothing more. I have to get back to work…..

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