I am looking forward to the May Flowers! We had a very mild winter here in the Northwest. Spring, however has been wet. I am ready for the showers of April to end and the flowers of May to start showing up!!!
To be honest though, I am ecstatic to have the weather as one of my major complaints this year. Last year, at this time, it was one of the darkest times for our family. My son went through a VERY rough period in April of last year (….he is doing amazingly better now!) He was eventually diagnosed with a severe Anxiety Disorder and thankfully therapy and medication has worked miracles to return him to a happier and functioning 12 year old again. During the process of trying to figure out just what was happening to to my sweet boy, Autism (most notably Asbergers Syndrome) came up from many different resources. As I researched about Autism, red flag after red flag about incidents in my son’s life started flying. Though his current doctor team doesn’t feel he is on the Autism spectrum (Autism is a spectrum disorder with a huge range of functioning and symptoms), I learned a lot about this disorder and how early diagnosis and intervention can help to unlock the puzzle of how these children perceive and function in the world. The foundation Autism Speaks is one of the leaders in assisting families affected and in funding research about Autism. April is Autism Awareness month. In honor of that, Tattered Angels (makers of my one of my fav’s “Glimmer Mist”) has team with Autism Speaks and introduced a special Glimmer Mist color called “Glimmer of Hope”. Proceeds from the sale of this limited addition mist will go to Autism Speaks. They have sold out on the Tattered Angels website, however, I ordered TWO bottles before that happened. They should be arriving any day now. I am willing to part with one of them…

Tomorrow is National Scrapbook Day, I will be hosting the second part of the Gatefold Mini Album class on Ustream late in the afternoon. Leave a comment here on my blog about what you are doing to celebrate National Scrapbook Day BEFORE 3:00 Pacific time on Saturday to be entered to win (the Ustream class starts at 4pm Pacific time…I’ll need time to get the drawing ready) At the end of my show I will be doing a drawing to give the “Glimmer of Hope” mist as well as a few other items…… (you don’t have to be present to win!)
See you tonight for Part One of the Gatefold Mini Album!


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