I am so glad you are all as excited about the Bird Abodes as I am! The monthly Bird Houses will all include a mini album incorporated into the design. Each of the Mini Albums will use a different binding technique. During the mini album portion of the video tutorial we will review the history behind the binding style we are using. The bindings we will use will be a great overview of the variety of binding styles/systems used in mini albums today and their roots in historical bookbinding techniques.

The kits for the Spring Quarter will be posting tonight at 7pm PDT (an additional portion of the kits will also post  at 10 am PDT on Friday to allow everyone a chance at the kits). Kits will include the paper, chipboard and embellishments need to create both the bird house and the mini album inside. Kits can be purchased individually or as a set of all three. There is a set quantity of these kits each quarter, so I won’t be using the reservation system…..when the kits are sold out, I won’t be making more available. I may increase the quantity next quarter if necessary.

Individual Kits:  $39.00 each

Set of all Spring Quarter kits:  $99.00 – an $18 savings! Please make sure to use this option if you want all three kits. DO NOT order individually!

Kits purchased as the Spring Quarter set will be shipped together for an additional shipping savings.

Patterns and Youtube videos will be available MONTHLY. They will be available during the first week of each month (Exact dates will be posted here on my blog) The pattern for April will be available around the 10th of the month. Patterns WILL NOT be available prior to the month they are intended. You may receive your kit before the pattern is available. For those purchase the entire Spring Quarter kits, after the April pattern your May and June patterns will be added to your account and will be available for download on the day the pattern is available on the website. You will NOT receive a link to download. You will need to log in the the website, go to My Account under Files to download the pattern. (due to the structure of the website, this is the only way to get the pattern to you.)

The monthly videos will be tutorials much like those on Ustream, but without the chat. Dimensions will be available in the patterns and won’t be given in the videos. You can watch at your leisure and stop and start as you need to.

I will be posting photos of the May Flowers Bird Abode (a flower based house) and the June Hat’s Off  Bird Abode (A Top Hat and Mustache inspired house) soon…..I am confident you won’t be disappointed!