I just sent this out to those with reservations for the next Passport to creativity event. I wanted to let all of you know about this as well:

As most of you are aware, my crazy scheduling issues from the summer continued into the fall. After taking over a week to get Trevor down to Phoenix and settled in there, I had to go down just over a month later and drive home with him when the team folded. We are now waiting on a new team for him to play for. We think it should be next week when I head off with him again. In the middle of all this I had to build an entirely new website when the old one went belly up. We continue to work at getting the website fully operational regarding old orders. All of this makes it very difficult to create and keep a schedule!

When I planned the last Passport event for this past June, I had every expectation that it would go on as planned. As you are aware, that did not happen. I had come up with an alternate of two mini passport classes. Again, scheduling got in the way! The Camping Birdhouse will not be happening and the Pirate ship will move to after the first of the year and will be a stand alone project. As an alternate to the Sleepless in Seattle Passport event, I have two NEW events that I have on the schedule and SHOULD happen in the scheduled times!

Event #1: I am planning a Holiday Workshop event that includes 5 holiday themed projects:

– A Holiday Train
– A Lantern with a winter scene. This scene can change with the holidays
– A Holiday or Winter themed mini Album
– Mixed Media Ornaments
– Holiday Cards

These kits will include all materials needed to create the project. This event will have one project done during a LIVE Ustream show on the weekend before Thanksgiving and the remaining projects will be presented via video that will be available on or before the the Live event. With only one live day of the projects, you still get the camaraderie of the live event without the huge time commitment. This event is up in the shop. Space is limited so that I can guarantee shipment of the kits in time for the event. I currently only have the full event listed in the shop. Depeding on how that goes, I may have individual kits for some or all of the projects available in a few weeks.

Event #2: The next Passport Event: The Animal Kingdom, is scheduled for Feb 16/17/18. The main project for this event will be a Noah’s Ark project, similar in style to the Nativity set from a couple of years ago. Projects will include the ark, a mini album, and a mixed media project. A 4th project may be added depending on how these other turn out. I will have samples soon after the holidays.

I am currently hip deep in shipping out the backlog of kits as well as the first Steampunk project. There is a glimmer of light on the horizon the these will all be out within the next few weeks.

I have a Once Upon a Time project planned for December using the new G45 Fairy Dust papers, The Lost Unicorn. After the first of the year I have a project for the Old Woman who Lived in a Shoe planned.

On Maple Street we will do a fun Advent House after Thanksgiving. It will incorporate a fun Elf as well….more info next week!

I am excited for what we have coming up! It is fun to finally be able to plan for new projects!!

We will be starting the first Steapunk project tomorrow at 3 PM (I moved the time 2 hours later) I will have the Victorian papers up by morning and the pattern up before class starts.

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