Hi all! It’s Patches! The number one cat at Laura’s house.

Mom’s away so I have gotten the rest of the menagerie together and we are gonna play! Yeah, I know that Aly, the dog, thinks she’s in charge but…. you know the saying “Dogs drool, cats rule”? Well, it’s true! Pepper is feeding her a steady stream of dog treats to keep her quiet about this….. dogs are soooo easy!


What we are doing is just having a bit of fun! While mom is gone, we are putting all her patterns on sale for 25% off! (As usual, the video tutorial ones, like Turn the Page and One and Done and the new ones she got done before she left aren’t included in the sale though). The sale has to end by the time she gets back next Tuesday night, but that’s almost a week away!!!


Do join our fun, just put in the code CATSPLAY2016 on the cart page in the box provided. I think you have to go to view your cart before check out to see it.

I know mom managed to get a couple of videos done for the Simple Favorites albums and will be posting those today or tomorrow. Knowing her she will announce them when they are up. Don’t worry, I posted this sale announcement secretly so that you all can see it but she can’t! I am smart that way. I guess Mom’s drool too!