I have discussed (on Ustream) a few changes that I am making to my kit ordering process, my Ning site and to my Facebook. I am posting the info here to make it official.

First up though, I want to show you some photo’s of the mini album for the Little Miss Tea Party version. Kits for this version are still available. During the Ustream class I will make both versions of the Tea Pots and mini albums and will make the tray/box for the asian versions.







The pattern will be up in the next day or so. I will also post some photos of the asian versions in a few days…

Now on to the changes….

For a couple of years, I have had MANY requests to start a kit club in order to eliminate the “competition” for  the kits for the projects I design and create. My personal experiences with kit clubs hasn’t been a positive one and I want to avoid those same pitfalls. (I had wanted to be able to CHOOSE the kits I wanted and not be committed to those I didn’t want). When I started offering kits, I specifically avoided the whole Kit Club concept for that very reason. Thus, with my current system, when a when  a kit is popular, I have added more kits or another version of the kits…after the fact (or after the first ones sell out). This reactive method of providing kits can be stressful and is a lot more work to pull off than the original kits were to put together.

I want to give everyone an opportunity to purchase a kit that wants one, so I have come up with what I hope will be a good solution. Starting with the CHA Wheelbarrow project, I will be taking RESERVATIONS for kits in advance of those that I put up on the website. Essentially, you will be pre-ordering your kit. This will ensure that you will receive the kit (or kits) that you want and you won’t have to stalk the website at the designated times that I put the kits up. While I will generally have the primary elements of the kits already in hand when I put the kits up for Reservations, this method will allow me to order more product for additional kits BEFORE the kits are available to everyone else. Please note, you do NOT have to make kit reservations to get a kit. I will still have a limited number of kits go up on a first come, first serve basis just as I do now. These will be called “At The Door” kits. In most cases, the sample of the project will be shown prior to the Reservations being taken.

Here is the proposed timelines and particulars for the two kit purchase options;

  • At The Door Kits:  These kits are just like my current system. The kits will go up approximately 10 days prior to the scheduled Ustream class. These kits will be available on a first come, first served basis (just as it is now). Payments is due upon purchase. The quantities will be limited and when they are gone, they are gone.
  • Reservation Kits:  Reservations for these kits will begin 1 to 2 weeks prior to when the At the Door kits become available. Reservations will end at 6pm PST the day before the At the Door kits are available. Payment will be due at the time of the Reservation. In addition to your Reserved kit, you will receive  one or more exclusive bonus items and your kit will ship prior to the At The Door Kits. As with all of my kits, the electronically delivered written pattern/tutorial is included in the kit purchase. These kits are available on my website just like my current kits.

I will begin taking Reservations for the TWO versions of the Wheelbarrow project starting tomorrow at 1pm PST. Reservations will end at 6pm PST on March 4. The At the Door Kits will be available on March 5th. I am trying to always put At The Door kits and Reservations up on Tuesdays. I am also planning to be on schedule to have the pattern go up on the Thursday after the At The Door kits are available.

Next up, the Ning site. While the Ning site has been a fun place for everyone to post photos of their  projects, in the past couple of months, we have become the target of spammers trying to get into the site. Joy and I moderate the applications to the site. We have been rejecting upwards of 30 a day of what is obviously  spammers. I have made the decision to go ahead and take the Ning site down before March 1st. I am working to add a forum to my blog or other options to replace the Ning site and allow everyone a place to upload their FTPT inspired projects. I won’t have the alternate avialble by March 1, but I will try to have something new available soon.

Many of you may have gotten a Facebook invitation last night, but if you didn’t, I have a new Facebook page for Laura Denison Designs. Starting on March 1, I will only be posting scrapping and paper crafting info on that page. My personal Facebook will become exactly that again, my personal page for friends and close friends. The advantage of this page is that you can get the info you need without the process of “friend” approval. The address for the new page is:  http://www.facebook.com/LauraDenisonDesigns. The button here on the blog has been revised to reflect this page address.

Thank you for hanging in there through this looooong post!