We extended our trip here in Vegas  so that my niece and her daughter could drive up from Phoenix for a quick visit with us. It is so cool to have 4 generations together! Here is my great niece showing her artistic side…


She is too cute. Sarah has her hair up in a bun….so of course Braelyn needed hers in a bun as well.

Today is the last day of CHA. I will be finalizing orders and finishing up planning for the fall and Holiday projects. I am so excited for what is coming up!! (…my wallet? not so much …nearly 7 grand worth of stuff ordered so far…yowzers!)

I have also managed to snag some goodies from generous vendors for some giveaways on Friday night. Speaking of Friday, with the extension of the Vegas trip, We arrive home at 4:30 pm. By the time we get home from the airport it will be close to show time so we may just do a CHA recap and start the Pick Pocket 2 at the next show. I still need to finish up the pattern as well….. :)… I always think I am going to get so much more done while I am in a hotel room than I ever do! Once I am back, it will be time to get back on my usual Mach 7 pace. Did I tell you I am excited with what we have coming up!

Yesterday we moved to a different hotel, the Venetian, on the strip. OMG! The room is amazing! I will post photos later…

Off to breakfast with the gang….



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