Ok, so they are officially calling it Craft and Connect, but…..

After the bumpy start yesterday….okay, so it was a HUGE pot hole in the road….I am excited to get down on the showroom floor and check out the new goodies from all of the vendors. I will do my best to Instagram/Facebook from the floor. (I have them linked so it will show on both. Sarah, my nearly 13 year old IG expert, has tried to teach my Instagram. Time will tell f this old dog can be taught these new tricks!

Here is the project I taught yesterday. It was a fun mini album that requires minimal measuring (cuz of the measuring allergy  that has reached epidemic proportions!). The people in my class were all awesome and seemed to all have a great time!







Next up is the perfect container for the Pocket Fold Album…..

This one is a part of the Magic Garden Series….the Wizard House! Using Graphic 45 Steampunk Spells! I think the magical little wizard that lives in this one has a bit of a mean streak as this was the project that started the chain of events at the airport…though I knew it would have issues even as i made it. I am soooo happy with the results! And before you ask…..YES, this will one will have kits and a pattern and I will be ordering for it here at the show. I am working on the schedule as for when. I am thinking in September, after the Autumn Fairy House. (The Tooth Fairy House will be next)….










Still not sure if I can Usteam from the show tomorrow….stay tuned. I will post here on the blog if it is a go or not.






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