I have a fun back to school project over on the Graphic 45 blog today. Ah, memories of getting ready to go back to school!

Sarah and I are going to go school clothes shopping today. Everything I think is cute will earn an eye roll and a firm “No.” So, I have mastered the reverse psychology method of shopping with her and only point out the things I hate with a “Isn’t this cute!”. She then goes towards the stuff I really like. Shhhh! Don’t tell Sarah of my methods!

Trevor is so much a male….whatever I buy, he will wear as long as it goes along with “Don’t make me look stupid, okay?” Of course, the I won’t know the true definition of “looking stupid” until i bring home the wrong thing!

It was all so much easier before they could talk and have their own opinion. For now I will just bite my tongue, veto the outrageous stuff and hope that in about 10 years, what I think will matter to them again, but I’m not holding my breathe…..

Off to finish my Tuesday Tag video before we head to the mall…..