Today has been crazy town here on the website! Monday’s are typically a bit insane but this one was especially busy! 

My Mom goes in for her back surgery tomorrow and I am running around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get things done as I do not know my time availability for the next several days. Thank goodness for Ansley and Lani. Ansley is working hard to get everyone on the right path to the available Turn the Page Videos. The videos are available in everyone’s account who has either the binder kit or the digital kit. Please follow the awesome instructions Ansley posted here on the blog to access them. Lani is packing and shipping as we speak. I would be in a rubber room, screaming if not for them.

This morning, I made a decision regarding the Maple Street Santa’s Workshoppe and the Grandma’s Bakery Shoppe. These two kits will be a Maple Street Special Edition Kits much like the Hotel G45. Those with reservations will not be penalized (i.e. your reservations will remain in place) if you don’t order either of these kits. All kits will be available on the website via standard ala carte ordering. I won’t be sending out invoices to those with reservations, you will be able to just go in and order the kit or kits. I think I have a sufficient number of kits available for those who want them, but they will be limited in number. The kits will go live at 7pm PST time tonight, with shipping starting next week before Thanksgiving. I am going to try to get out the International and Canadian orders first as these kits are time sensitive. The Ustream class (per the Schedule here on the website) is scheduled to begin on Friday, Dec 5. There are no structural differences between these two projects…the difference is merely cosmetic. I am working to get at least one of the sample done as soon as I can. I was planning to work on it all day today but, instead I have been putting out fires! I think a fire station is needed on Maple Street!

Here is a peak at the papers and the miniatures for these two shoppes. Both will include the materials for a super fast-to-make Recipe Album (you could add photos instead if you want). A complete list of the materials included will be in the kit descriptions in the shop tonight.

Santa workshop kit

Bakery kit

I am also working to get more of the Turn the Page videos up as quickly as I can. I so appreciate the overwhelmingly positive response I have gotten from all of you regarding this album system! Thank you all so much for the kind comments!!!


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