Crying UNCLE!

I am going to go ahead and move the first Ustream class for the In Suspense project to Sunday at 3pm PDT. The length of the pattern is a bit more that I anticipated and rather than rush and possible compromise the quality of the finished pattern, I would rather delay the start. I am going to take a break from it and then return to it with fresh eyes and do the final edit. The pattern will be up in the shop sometime this evening. This will also give me (and all of you) time to do a bit of prep work so that the class itself will be more efficient.

I am much more comfortable with delaying a project than I am with possibly compromising the quality of both the pattern and the class. You all are the best ant and I thank you for your patience!


5 thoughts on “Crying UNCLE!”

  1. Linda Borcherdt

    That is a good choice. Like i always say good things are worth waiting for. Keep up what you do so well enjoy all you do.
    Thank You

  2. Victoria Daniel

    Hi Laura
    l did have proplem with ustream,i don’t know what hapen its not there any more somethink happen, i did miss wed live show and i am working friday night but i can wach the record, i don’t know if you can help me i wish, thank you

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