A couple of things to let you all know about. My assistant Lani has found a new full time job and will no longer be with me. As a result, I am working hard to get the 2015 Turn the Page Binder kits out of here solo. This has unfortunately caused a bit of a delay. the binders should be going out by the end of next week.

My kids are getting ready to go back to school  next week. Sarah is in the final push to complete her online courses in order to move up to 10th grade. It has been a rough road for her since last fall with the cluster migraines she was having first semester of last year. Fortunately, we got those under control, but the result was her loosing the entire first semester. She has been struggling with online school for second semester and this summer in order to catch up. Having a reading disability and online instruction has been exceptional difficult and she requires significant assistance form to get through this final push.

I am going to go ahead and postpone both Friday’s and Sunday’s Ustream classes this week (Aug 28 and Aug 29) to finish getting the kids ready for school. for the first time since elementary school, the kids will be in the same school if we can finish off the push for Sarah. Where has the time gone? I swear they were heading off to kindergarten yesterday!

I will be working on the schedule as it hasn’t been update in a while. Thank you all for being patient….I seem to have to say that far too often!

Hopefully this bit of a break from Ustream will also give me the opportunity to work on samples for kit club and future projects….the hamster wheel continues to spin faster than I can run these days!! LOL!


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