…but what I find in Vegas I hope that I don’t leave there!!

I was able to get a project done for the G45 booth….whew…I only had a day to make it, so I used nearly all 24 hours. Only got a couple of hours sleep so hope to rest up in Vegas. It will be a hoot getting it thru security (I ALWAYS carry on booth projects if they aren’t shipped in advance) With gears, chain, and a working watch/clock, I’m sure TAS is going to look at the “X-ray” with curiosity! LOL!

I wasn’t able to get the Fairy House kits out as I had hoped. I will take a FULL day to do the postage and the packing for shipping. They will go out first thing upon my return. Most everything else went out. Missed a few…just flat ran out of time, but they will go out as soon as I return. I will be working on the Pick Pocket and Assymetric (for Color Block)  patterns while I am gone. I will have my computer with me and will be be able to reset patterns etc., so don’t hesitate to contact me if you need assistance.

I will be posting here, on Facebook, and on Instagram from Vegas. I am hoping to Ustream from the showroom floor on Wednesday….stay tuned for that if it works.

Time to go pick up my Mom. Sarah has been packed for a couple of days…..


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