As we discussed on the last couple of Ustream shows, I am adding a secondary shoppe version to each Maple Street Shoppe release. All Shoppes will have a Primary Version and a Secondary Version. Both will use the same pattern and will typically be different only cosmetically or with minor changes. The instructions for both versions will be included in the patterns.

The next Maple Street Shoppe release is the Pet Shoppe with a secondary version of a Sports Shoppe featuring Good O’l Sport from Graphic 45. Those who have ongoing Reservations for the Maple Street Shoppes will have their choice of wither version, or if they wish, they can order both. there will be Ala Carte kits for both version as well.

Here is a peek at the Sports Shoppe. I am waiting for the miniature sports equipment to arrive to fill in the windows. I have a baseball and bat, a football, ski’s, a fishing pole and tackle box, and a soccer ball coming for the sample and the kits. Of course,both versions hold a mini album.

sports shoppe peek



All who have Reservations have been sent an update regarding these changes. If you have not already done so, please make sure and email me your kit choice. I have also added a few new ongoing Reservations slots to the shop under kit reservations. The reservations guarantee that you get the kit you want for all of the upcoming Shoppe releases.

Have an awesome week!