The December Bird Abode pattern and the Maple Street Dress Shoppe patterns are now up on my website. The pattern for the Bird Abode was emailed this morning out to all who ordered kits (I was coming upstairs to email them out last night but I tripped on the stairs and wrenched my elbow so I went to bed and shipped them out this morning). I am in the process of releasing the pattern through the web orders for the Dress Shoppe pattern…there are a lot of them,  so it is taking some time.  If you don’t have the link in you email by morning, you can always log in to the website, go to My Account and download it from there. If you don’t see it there, let me know.

I am quite pleased with the December Bird House,,,having these patterns done and out there is like a bonus Christmas present. The January, February, and March bird Abodes may be done a bitdifferently….


I will hit the ground (or the water) running on Thursday to get the NYE kits out and the remaining Couture Kits out as quickly as possible. From there I have to blast right into projects for CHA….

Gotta go wrap…


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