Check out the (nearly) complete Heart Beeps Truck Mini album…I LOVE how it came out! I have a few pages in the mini album to complete, but other than that it is good to go!


Here an update on the kits and pattern….the wood wheels were schedule to arrive on Monday…..well, they didn’t get delivered until late afternoon Tuesday. Part of the kits went out yesterday and the rest today. Unfortunately that means that many of you won’t have your kit in hand for the class starting on Friday. If it weren’t a project for Valentines’s Day, I would move the class a week. I have decided to go ahead with the class tomorrow night so we stay on schedule. As always, I recommend you watch the show live and use the videos to actually construct your project, so it will all work out. Don’t forget, I move the videos off of Ustream immediately after the show to the archived videos here on the blog.

The pattern will be release to kit buyers and it should be available as a pattern in plenty of time for class….I ALWAYS post here on the blog (and usually on Facebook) when the pattern is up on the website.

Later in the summer, I will be designing a vintage camp trailer to tow behind……


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