I have heard from many of you that you have received your kit in the mail! YEA!! There have been several questions regarding the pattern not being in the kit!! I ALWAYS send the patterns/instructions via email. This pattern is unique in that it will be in 6 parts, just like the class. You will receive that instructions for each class a minimum of 5 days prior to the class. I am finishing up the first part today and I am planning to email them out over the weekend. I will also be posting the patterns on my Etsy Store today for those who want the pattern only. I am in the process setting up a special mailbox with everyone who orders a kit or pattern in the mailbox so that I can send out to everyone at once rather than sending out 200+ individual emails. I apologize that this is taking longer than I had hoped…this is a new type of class for me on Ustream and figuring the logistics for both the volume and the time frame has a learning curve! When we do the second one in July, it will be all figured out!

My head is on the verge of exploding I swear! Between getting this project off the ground, the kits for Flora and Fauna and the Valentines project, getting ready for CHA, packing, and giving a bit of extra attention to my family….aaaauuuggggh! Sitting still for the 2 1/2 hour flight is going to be soooo welcome!!

Can’t believe the reaction to my HAIR!! Didn’t even think anyone would notice when I changed the picture. All I did was get the ends and bags trimmed (no new color…same old, same old….just looks brighter when my hair is smoooooth!). The stylist asked if I wanted it flat ironed. Sure…never did that before…lets give it a whirl… WHERE HAS THIS DEVICE BEEN ALL MY LIFE!!! For someone who has had a love/hate relationship with her wavy/curly hair her entire life….getting rid of the frizzz….OMG! I now own my own flat iron…next trick?….can I do it myself?!?

See you tonight!