Home again, and back to reality! Shipping kits, writing patterns, and working on samples….

We had an absolute blast in NYC! I think both Sarah and I fell in love with the city and look forward to returning. Sarah is ready to move there tomorrow. She DEFINITELY wants to go to college there. In the three days, we saw a lot of the city…and my ankles look like elephant ankles as a result. Don’t need a gym membership there with all of the walking and subway stairs! My creative girl has put together a video of our trip for her Youtube channel (have your teen daughters, granddaughters, nieces and such subscribe…she would be ecstatic). She edited this together yesterday after we got back…I think I need to hire her for my videos! LOL!


I put up the Reservation Kits for the Foto Folio Too project in my shop. For a quick peek you can check out my last Ustream video. I will get them posted to my blog soon, it is still available on Ustream) I will also be posting more peeks on my blog and on Wednesday on Ustream.

Good to be home…I think!