I asolutely hate to do this but I have to postpone class today till after I get back from Arizona. My voice is still like gravel and I am coughing…. a lot.
You all are so incredibly understanding that life just keeps piling in on me right now. I am not looking forward to an airplane with this sinus infection still brewing but….
I have been steadily pushing kits out the door. If you have not yet received orders you are expecting, trust me, I am working to get as many out by tomorrow morning as I am able. I have help lined up once I return to finish getting the remainder out upon my return.
Sarah continues to have additional problems related to her migraines and we are having to put her back into online school. I have to get that application completed today and submit it so that she loses as little additional school time as possible.
I am going to try to get a few of the video tutorials up before I leave and also work on the outstanding written tutorials while in AZ. I will be meeting with Ansley while we are there to go over some of the revisions and revamps to the website I want to do as well. One of the biggest things I want to do to the site is to get the blog back to being a place to view projects and to inspire. I will be adding a section for announcements such as this one that is easy to check yet doesn’t bog down the stuff you really want to see:  the projects.
I have one more shipment of product scheduled to arrive soon for the 1st release of the Paper Trail Kit Club. I should be able to get those kits soon after I return. The papers, etc. for the Trolley project should be shipping in the next few weeks. I will update the project status tab on the website today so you know where the kits you are expecting are in the lineup.
You all  have been amazing with your support and patience. I am hoping to get everything on track as soon as possible.