…..Wednesday’s Ustream class will be at 7pm PDT instead of the usual 10 am PDT for this Wednesday only. We will return to the regular time next week. The Pick Pocket 2 Pattern will be available before class begins. Had a rough day today and got behind again.

The kits for the Modular Ink Organizer is up on my website. This project is chipboard intensive and so it is a very heavy kit….nearly 7 pounds. Unfortunately, that means shipping to Int’l and Canadian customers is high. I wish there was a cheaper solution!

The kit has enough chipboard to make 2 to 3 modular units, depending on how you configure them. I have Add on chipboard to expand to 4 units. there is plenty of paper to make 4 units in the kit. If you purchase the chipboard along with the kit, it can be added to the Flat Rate box and you will not pay additional shipping.

Here is a “taste” sneak peek and I will have further photos tomorrow.



YES,  THERE WILL BE A PATTERN for this project. I always post this and I always get at least a half dozen emails asking if there will be a pattern!! LOL!!



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