Help me in welcoming the inaugural Kit and CaDoodle Crew! These amazing paper artists will be helping to create sample, revisit older projects and put their own spin on upcoming projects. I can wait for you all to see what they do!

This first group of ladies will be the full term crew. They will be showing you projects every month for the next year.

Pam Davis (Pam will also be the Creative Crew coordinator)

Candy Hazzard

Debby Hernandez

Becky Marrs

Melissa Merritt

Starr Patrick

Theresa Petermann

Kim Reinhart

Nancy Wethington

This next group are some very talented ladies who will be guest designers in the coming months.

April Bahl

Linda Borcherdt

Karen Comeau

Krista Cross

Helen Terry

Gillis Wilson

I wish to thank EVERYOnE who applied. Please do not take it personally if you applied and aren’t on the list. It was an agonizing choice process. I was looking for a specific spectrum of paper crafters with a variety of styles and experience….just like the people in our entire group! If you didn’t make it this time, please try again next year! My needs may change by then. I will be doing another guest designer call in January to fill the next 6 months worth of guest slots.

I am so excited for the future! Over the next couple of weeks, I will be individually introducing you to these wonderful paper crafters!