It is ironic that the simplest of projects to assemble are sometimes the most challenging to show that simple assembly with any sort of clarity. That is what I have run into with the Life Stories album. I stopped yesterday and re-did portions and ended up adding over 40 photos. Integrating those photo’s into the sequence is taking more time than anticipated. I do not want to issue a preliminary pattern without the inside album photos (already have one of those to finish) nor do I want to issue a pattern without a final edit. Therefore, I am going to cancel class for today (May 24). I will finish up the album and photos and issue the pattern tomorrow (May 25). I will also do a video of the page assembly sometime tomorrow so that you can stay on schedule to start embellishing pages next Friday as planned. It is the best win/win solution I can come up with. I hate the last minute cancellation but I have been scrambling since 5 am to revise and add and just won’t make it in time for a 3 pm class.