I was able to get the “As Memories Unfold” pattern up in the shop late last night ( a bit of a long story, but it is up and I WILL get this new system figured out…). Today on Ustream we will be working on the Woodland Winter version.

As Memories Unfold cover

We will also be doing  the version shown in the pattern after the Tea Shoppe is done. The pattern sample version is call Elegant Sentiments and I will have kits available for it later today. It uses a combination of G 45 Sweet Sentiments and G45 Couture. …giving it a kind of elegant, rich edginess to the soft pastel of the Sweet Sentiments. I will also have a bundle price for the Winter Fairy House/As Memories Unfold  pattern set later today. If you purchase both before the bundle is up, let me know I will  refund you difference.

As I have noted here on the blog and on Facebook, I will have the Maple Street Tea Shoppe pattern available by the end of the day tomorrow. The pattern will be emailed out this first round of the ongoing reservation system until I have everyone registered into the website. If you have not yet registered, please do so. I will need to manually enter each of the Shoppes as we do them into you account (same as I would have with the old website). I am still working out the details to do so the most efficient way possible.

We are also working behind the scenes to tweak and polish the “oops” and “why isn’t that working” items that come up with every new launch. Thank you all for you patience as we work out these kinks….