As I told you all a few days ago, I will be taking the Ning site down later tonight. This morning I set up a Yahoo Groups site. We will try this out and see how it works. If we find it is not working, I will look for another alternate. I sent out an Ning wide email this morning with the address and link to the Yahoo group site. I have also added the button/link to the bottom of this blog. You can either click the link below or click here to go to the sign up page. Joy/Zelda is helping to moderate this site as well. What would we do without her! It is a tiered forum format. You can start a new topic and then people can respond to the topic/question. You can also add photos of your projects. As we get a better handle on how it works, we will pass along the info.

The C’est la Vie Book of Memories kits will be going out in tomorrows mail, now that everything has finally arrived.  It was so much fun to work on that cover on Wednesdays Ustream. I was having a rough day and it really helped to pull up my spirits…thank you! I have decided that everyone seems to like the embellishing process so much that I think we will continue with this version not only on Friday as we discussed but also on Saturdays class. I am still working on the Tea Party pattern and want to make sure I have everything correct so it will help me to delay a day or so. I will post here and Facebook when the pattern goes up. Being sick last week (and now Sarah has it) seems to really mess with my schedule.

The tags are slowly heading out. It is taking much longer to pack, address and ship them out than I had hoped….about 2 hours for each set of a full years tags….times 12 ….auuugghh!  I SOOOO want these out of here!!!