NYE Winners

Prize Winners

Scrap Bash 2013/14


Ipad:  Pam Davis

Camera:  Adele Barry

Winter Fairy:  Donna Dorner

Birdhouse Set:  Char Huffman

Tim Holtz set:  Jeanette Godby

Tim Holtz Set:  Cathy Johnson

Tim Holtz Set:  Lisa Malterud

Bo Bunny Pack:  Gay Barhart

Bo Bunny Pack:  Marie Smith

Adhesive Set:  Betty Beatty

Adhesive Pack:  Judy Phinesmith

Adhesive Pack: Sandi James

Craft Knife and Blades: Kat Ancheta

Craft Knife and Blades:  Deborah Daniels

Ice Resin Set: Sheila Brandon

Ice Resin Set:  Gail Deen

Prima Doll Stamps:  Amanda Flitton

Flower Pack:  Susan Carolfi

Flower Pack:  Liz Bernstein

G45 Pack:  Mary Takacs

G45 Pack:  Anne Marie Zuiddam

G45 Pack:  Margaret Gonzales

G45 Pack:  Madeline Parrish

G45 Pack:  Kim Russell

G45 Pack:  Patricia Acosta

G45 Pack:  Cheryl Gembler

G45 Pack:  Katherine Filby

G45 Pack:  Loreta Rose

Card Stock Assortment:  Anne Marie Cholewnski

Card Stock Assortment:  Nancy Conrad

$75.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Gillis Wilson

$50.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Marilyn Mae Thurber

$50.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Darlene Iverson

$20.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Hava Cohen

$20.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Patti EinGardt

$20.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Nancy Flynn

$20.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Maxine Keller

$20.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Sherry Stone

$20.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Vivienne Axon

$20.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Julie See

$20.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Gwen Casteel

$20.00 LDD Gift Cert:  Monica Rondon

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