… I’ve got a different method to bind a mini!

This is the method I used to bind Bona’s Haunted House mini (a trade mini for Deux Shabby Chic Kit Club). To make this binding you will need to cut your paper 1/2″ wider than the inserts you want to use. Cut the length 10 1/2″. You will need two of these. Score 1/2″ from one inch and then at 1″ intervals. Fold in an accordion fashion.

Attach the folds in pairs with brads, eyelets or tie with ribbons/fibers. The two pieces will attach together in the middle.

Attach the paired folds to the spine of a covered chip board album. (see the “FIRST Day of Christmas” for how to cover chipboard to create an album).

Add insets such as photo mattes, tags, decorated envelops, paper bags, or what ever you can think up! Be creative!

Check in tomorrow to get a peek at the Mini Album I will be giving away! The actual drawing will be on Sunday, December 20!

Thanks for all your support!!