…I designed a new envelope mini album!! The Shaped Hinge Envelope Mini Album!

Here’s what you need to make your own:

Envelopes. Any size or shape you want. I used 6 pages for eachof my mii’s

Paper. You can use any size or style that suits what you want your mini to look like. You will also need some coordinating solid color cardstock.

You will also need a “shape” to act as the hinge part. For this sample I am using a Sizzix Snowflake die. You could also cut a shape from an electronic cutter.

Start by sealing your envelopes and trimming one edge open on all envelopes. Cut patterned paper slightly smaller than your envelope and adhere to both sides of the envelopes. Cut your hinge shapes, making 1 more than the number of pages you have.

Score and fold your hinge shapes. If using an assymetrical shape, try to score it so that each side is of similar size.

Apply glue to the folded edge of hinge shape. Extend glue to a little more than 1/4″ from fold but less than 1/2″ from fold.

Attach hinge shape to envelope, aligning fold of shape with edge of envelope.

Repeat for other side of hinge shape. Follow this sequence for all pages.

Attach chipboard covers in a similar fashion. Apply glue to ENTIRE half of hinge shape when attaching to cover.

Cover spine with ribbon, lace or fabric. Alternately, attach ribbon under embellishments and tie along spine.

These are addictive to make! They can be made suitable for almost any occasion. Have fun! Don’t forget to check out the Youtube video. CLICK HERE to go directly to the video.

See you on Wednesday!