… I made a shopping organizer!

Here’s how to make it:

Cut Chipboard to sizes shown. Wrap cover with patterned paper.

Apply patterned paper to inside of covers

For pockets, cut card stock to 4″ x 8″. Score and fold 3/4″ from each end. Attach inside edge of tabs to previous folded card stock to form pockets. I used six pockets.

For front, cut card stock to 4″ x 6 1/2″. Cover with patterned paper and apply to front of pocket group. To “bind” bottom edge, cut a 2 1/2″ x 6 1/2″ card stock or patterned paper strip. Score and fold at 1″ and 1 1/4″. Use edge punch or decorative scissors to finish edge of widest section.

Attach folded binding to bottom of pocket unit, wrapping around to back.

Create a pocket for the bottom of the note pad. Cut card stock 1 1/4″ x 1″ wider than the width of the pad. Cut 1/2″ notches at 2 corners. Score and fold 1/4″ and 1/2″ along sides and bottom. Accordian fold and attach to bottom of right side of inside cover.

Attach a 3/4″ strip by width of inside cover along edges.

Slide back of pad under strip and slip bottom of pad in pocket

For an alternate project, make two pocket units.

This project can work as a shopping organizer, a coupon organizer, or with the double pocket units, as a recipe book or mini album with tags!

Have fun with the project!