Here we go again….my family issues are impacting my schedule. My husband has spent the last two nights in the hospital with a bad case of vertigo. He should be home later today and is improving. I am getting really sick of hospitals! We will still have class tonight and on Sunday, but we will be moving the start of the Photo Anthologie to next Friday. I have updated the schedule to reflect this change. I am working as best I can to get the other things I need to get done completed as soon as possible.

I have additional Turn the Page – It’s about Time kits available in the shop. they will ship out on Monday. I will get more of the Butterfly paper as soon as I can. I expect to have a few more of the Peacock Paisley kits up early next week.

I also have more of the Photo Anthologie – Sanctuary Version kits and Add-on’s available. I have received shipping confirmations for the products and these should be ready to ship by the end of next week.

I hope to have a sample for the next Maple Street shoppe done soon and will have the Maple Street Reservations options sent out next week.

I have received word from WRMK regarding the Pocket Fuse tools. They should be shipping by the end of this month. I will get the Pre-order stuff out for you to be able to pay for your tool over the weekend. I have delayed sending that out until I had confirmation from WRMK.

We will continue with the Turn the page kits tonight on Ustream….unless something unforeseen comes up….


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