Had a brainstorm while laying in bed this morning trying to convince my body that it want to get up as much as my brain did. LOL! The remaining elements of the awesome paper collections from Prima (Butterfly and The Archivist) that I ordered at CHA arrived yesterday and I want to use it! I was considering revisiting an older project with it, but I then got to thinking (uh oh…). I have been having so much fun with the Photo Anthologie project and have ideas for more pages, soon….I am going to expand the Photo Anthologie project into Photo Anthologie 2! I am super excited about this as I love this project! The pages from these two patterns will be able to mix and match so I will try to get the PA 2 pattern done as quickly as I can. The kits for Photo Anthologie 2 will go up on Wednesday April 1…I will try to have page samples done by Wednesday. This will move Maple Street a week later (Reservation selection will move to April 4). I have revised the schedule on my website as well as added important dates to the Kit Status tab. I hope you will be as excited about this schedule update as I am!