I am off on a quick adventure with my daughter and her BFF to Portland for a short little “Girl’s” trip. I little shopping, a little eating (staying right down the block from Voo Doo donuts! Yum!)  and a lot of giggling. TWO 13 year old girls! What am I thinking!! it’s going to be a fun little break after being so sick! Don’t really have the time, but sometimes you have to take the time to make the memories, right?

I’ll be back in time for the show on Friday…though after driving 3 hours with little or no sleep the night before…it could be humorous.

I have promised Trevor that I may go skiing with him on Sunday….that could be REALLY interesting the way my knees are these days. I learned to ski back in ancient times when I was six….cable bindings ruled my world! Haven’t skiied in a couple of years so pray that i don’t break my neck. Auuuhhhh….the things we do to amuse out children. Actually i just want to shut him up. I am an excellent skier but he doesn’t believe me….

I will have my computer with me so I can reset patterns, etc.