Runnin’ Behind

My kids are home this week for Mid-Winter break, so I have been in Mom/referee mode today. I have the video up for What’s up Wednesday and I will have the still photo’s and dimensions on Thursday. I will also post more info about the upcoming Ustream demo’s and classes.


9 thoughts on “Runnin’ Behind”

  1. ohhhhh Laura,

    Can’t wait for you to ustream, I use the Logitech C600 webcam for my ustreaming, with a complicated set up of boxes that it clips to (used to use an old lampshade, very high tech!!), somebody else I know uses a Logitech I think the 900, but they work pretty well.

    I believe that it is also possible to use a HDR camcorder with the use of some realatively cheap software to allow it, but I have yet to test out the theory. I will try and find the link again about it and send it to you.

    Pretty please, can you also let us know the GMT time when you schedule the post, I seriously don’t want to miss it – your channel on YouTube is my all time favourite one.

    If you would like Toodles and Binks to sponsor a prize, we would be very honoured.


  2. I wanted to order this kit..but it must of sold out fast! Laura I just found your channel a couple of months ago and I love all your idea’s, you are one smart lady your brain must be in over drive, you think of some good stuff.


  3. Laura, I can’t find the instructions/dimensions for the z-fold mini album. Your youtube video says they are on your blog, but where? Help!!

    I love your work and have used your envelope mini idea many times. Everyone thinks they are wonderful.


  4. Hello again,
    I too can’t find your instructions? i was going to a retreat this weekend and was preparing for it today (sort of) and i can’t find the instructions. hopefully you can email it to me.

    thanks, mrsnicol2009

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