…trying to get a million things done!! Why do all the little things take soooooo long to do?!

The Flora Fauna kits ordered so far will go out tomorrow. I am finishing up the sample for the Love Notes Box and the kits will go up tomorrow. They will ship after I get back. I am also working on the first part of the Heritage album pattern. The pattern will be available for orders late tomorrow… I will be putting it up on Etsy. They will go out via email…. hopefully by Friday. Remember, the kits include the pattern so if you ordered a kit, don’t order the pattern! I am taking my laptop with me so I can work in the evenings.

I am waaaaay behind on the “weekly” post cards… best laid plans….

I have joined the 21st century and am now on Twitter!!!…I think….yea, I am… Hoping to send tweets from the floor at CHA. Photo’s videos, tweets… need to fit in working while we are there somewhere!!! this trip isn’t just for fun… we are there to work! Ha! Ha! Here is my twitter name/address/whatever it is called… at least I think it’s what it is: @lauraddenison … had to add my middle initial cuz there was already a Laura Denison… the nerve!!

We are doing a quick class on Friday, making jewelry from paper and embellishments. Starts at 7pm Pacific.

See you all Friday!!