Safari Truck (incl Roadster and Vintage Hearse)

Oct 14, 2016, Part 1a  

Oct 14, 2016, Part 1b  

Part 2 got cut off t end due to computer issues. We will pick up where it left off during next session.

Oct 19, 2016, Part 2  

Oct 21, 2016, Part 3a  

Oct 21, 2016, Part 3b  

October 26 show did not record. I will go over the Roadster modifications again on The next two shows.

October 28,2016, Part 4a 

October 28,2016, Part 4b 


October 30,2016, Part 5a 

October 30,2016, Part 5b 

October 30,2016, Part 5c