As many of you may be aware, the recent disputes at the west coast ports has created havoc with the delivery of many goods and shipping. Many scrapbooking product manufacturer’s have been greatly impacted. While the dispute appears to have been settled, it is taking time to catch up on the past 3 months of delayed deliveries. Manufacturer’s are updated the receipt of products on nearly a daily basis as they are not always sure just what their next shipment will have in it. This has impacted us directly with some of the products I ordered at CHA caught up in this backup. Our most recent project has been a victim of this and I have been forced to delay the shipment of the Photo Anthologie project kits. About 95% of the products are here and the rest should be here by next week. Prior info had an arrival date of early this week and I scheduled accordingly. Latest info has things arriving next week. Since the missing items are critical to the project, I elected to delay the project by a week rather than ship partial kits and ship the remainder at a later time. The expense of shipping in two batches was also quite costly for me as I would have to absorb the second shipment. A delay seemed to be the best solution for all.

With this delay, we have an short opening in the schedule for a quick project. With a bit of scrambling and a couple of amazing manufacturers РHeartfelt Creations and Petaloo Р combined with product I already had on hand, I was able to put together a Turn the Page project to fill the 3 open class times. The kits are packed and ready to begin shipping on Monday. (The last of the paper arrives on Saturday) I will have a preliminary sample available to show you on tonights Ustream show. The kits will be available at 3 pm today.

The Schedule and Status tabs have both been updated with this revised schedule.

On another project, the Southern Belle project is also in process. This project is going straight to video, so many have inquired about it as they do not see it on the schedule. I have an email going out to everyone who ordered a kit later today regarding a possible alternate look to the project. Rest assured that I have not stopped working on it as I am working on the furniture and embellishments as well as all of the design, math, structure, etc, needed for this sort of project.

We will continue on the Princess and the Pea project this evening and Sunday on Ustream. See you all then.


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