The beautiful snow ended yesterday and in true Pacific Northwest fashion, the rain began….FREEZING rain. Western Washington now resembles a popsicle! We are coated in layer of ice EVERYWHERE. Schools are closed, roads are beyond awful, and power is out all over from falling trees. Fortunately we have underground utilities, so outr power is still on…..I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Ustream was uncooperative near the end of yesterday’s show. I tried for half and hour to get back in after being knocked out. I was getting messages I had never seen before, so I suspect that it had to do with the internet protest activity that was going on yesterday. We will start on friday where we left off.

As I noted during the show, I am moving the start of the Gatefold Envelope Stack the Deck to next Wednesday’s regular show. With my kids (and husband) home for nearly a week due to the holiday and the weather, I am behind on getting the Stack the Deck 2 pattern done and up on the website. That, combined with my CHA samples deadlines, will delay the release of the pattern until early next week. Thank you for your patience. All kits ordered prior to yesterday have been shipped. Orders from yesterday will go out as soon as the roads are safe.

I am SOOO excited to show you what I have been working on for Graphic 45 and Tim Holtz for CHA!! I think they are some of my best work ever and hope you thin so too. I will start posting them each day starting on Sunday, Jan 29th while I am in LA for CHA. I will also be tweeting and posting on Facebook and Youtube while there. The excitement is building!! ( I am trying to keep the panic about getting done from taking hold!!)

I’m off to get back to work. Have an awesome day!!


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