Strike A Pose Tags without Photo’s

Here are the tags from the Strike A Pose Album without the photo’s for those who were at the class on Ustream.

I will post the tags from the class when I have them done.
Thanks for coming to my scrap room!


6 thoughts on “Strike A Pose Tags without Photo’s”

  1. Thank you laura, for such an awesome class, I hope that all your wishes and wants come true 2morrow, and have a VERY VERY SPECIAL DAY! all the best and enjoy. Love to mum and hubby and the kids, both human and fury!!!!
    Arohanui X
    From Us 🙂 XOX

  2. I hope this is the best way to get an answer to a question from you, Laura. I followed your instruction to make your paper roses on “The First Day of Christmas”. The instructions call for spray starch. I have read and re-read the instructions but don’t see anywhere on there where the spray starch is used. Am I missing something? Do you put the starch in the water when you soak the paper perhaps? HELP! I was going to put these on my cover of my album we made tonight but I want to make sure I do these roses correctly. Great class tonight. I look forward to more of your great ideas and classes! Happy Birthday! Eat a great big piece of cake!

  3. Hi, Laura,
    First, let me say how much I enjoy the videos of your mini albums! I have a question. It appears that you place grommets or eyelets on the binder ring holes on both sides of each page. Can you please tell me how you accomplish that? Do you somehow set them both at the same time? I love the finished look of the grommets on both sides of the page!

  4. I have been a follower(stalker)lol..of your for sometime and I just recently watched your video on angel pins and I have to say that your kind words about the police officers,firemen and ,military REALLY touched my heart. My husband is active duty in the Air Force and it is so encouraging to hear your words of appreciation. THANK YOU!!!
    OK!!That being said…I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!You have me looking at everyday objects and wondering how I can make it into a book or craft.. Just genius!!!!Do you EVER sleep???I LOVE..LOVE..LOVE your videos.. I watch them over and over again…Thank you for all your hard work…YOU ROCK GIRLFRIEND!!!

  5. Hello Laura,

    Thank you for this great tutorial! I wanted to know if it’s ok to create this to sell at my craft store; the reason I asked is that, is because I didn’t see a template for this project for sale at your store and I wanted to make sure to confirm with you that there wasn’t any….

    Thank you

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