The Summer Fairy House pattern is up on the website.

There are three options –

Option One:   The pattern for the Fairy House Only. It does not include the mini album.

Option Two:  The pattern  for the Mini Album Only for this project, Lacey Flaps Mini Alum. This does not include the Fairy
House  pattern

Option Three:  BOTH the pattern for the Fairy House and the pattern for the Mini album. The set price is a $5 savings over the purchase of the patterns individually.


With the Fairy Houses, I will being doing the mini album as a separate pattern (as has been requested frequently) I am using one of my older patterns for this project Lacy Flaps Mini Album. I will also be posting the original Ustrem videos from the Lacy Flaps Mini Album. I won’t be redoing the videos for this mini album. I will have photos here on the blog.

I will be releasing the patterns to the kit buyers first thing in the morning. (Kits includes BOTH patterns.