The Little Church Mini Album pattern is up at last!!

Thank you all for you patience! It is up on Etsy…CLICK HERE to go there directly.

I will have the Silver Bells kit up by Saturday.
Class is on for Friday night and Saturday on Ustream!


7 thoughts on “The Little Church Mini Album pattern is up at last!!”

  1. The best thing about seeing this pattern posted is to know that maybe things are beginning to get back to semi-normal for you and your family!! I hope and pray that Sarah is feeling much better and that you are all catching up on some much-needed rest!!
    Love, blessings, hugs and prayers!

  2. I am a girl that cannot write english very well but I am glad that sara better this one and in house, I encourage for all and many kisses from españa..


  3. Hey Laura….I was so excited to see the pattern and as lil green bug said, its a sense that things are back to normal again!!!! You take care of yourself too…With lots of love and warm wishes from our family to yours..
    Hugz…Victoria (from Singapore and soon to be back in the USA)!!!

  4. I ship all patterns and kits internationally. the patterns are send via email as a PDF so there is no shipping charge. (If you purchase multiple patterns, it may charge you shipping, as shipping is added based on the total of the purchase. I refund any shipping charged on patterns)


  5. Thanks for the patterns! WOW! I got them almost instantly after ordering! (Do you ever sleap, Laura?) I know I am 9 hours before you, here in Sweden, but it must have been in the break of dawn (or actually rather much before dawn) when you sent it…

    I watched the Upstream video today and it’s lovely to see you and Sarah looking so cheerful again!
    It feels like I know you both, watching many of your classes. Internet is such a strange thing! 🙂

    God bless you!

    Elisabeth Larsson in Sweden

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