I am extending the Reservation period for the 2015 Turn the Page Binder Kit until Friday, July 17. I will finalize numbers and put the binder order in on Monday. There will be a limited number of the binders available once I close the reservations.

If you have put in your order via Check or Money Order, I need to hear from you as to when you will be sending payment (If you have already connected me, you don’t need to do so again). If I have not heard from you before the Reservations close, your reservation will be invalid and your kit is subject to be sold. I allow people to pay by check or money order as a courtesy and it is expected that you pay promptly unless prior arrangements are made. Unfortunately I have had several people abuse this option in the past and I have to be a bit hard lined about it.

Sarah and I had an amazing time in New York but we are glad to be home again. On Monday night, Trevor was injured at hockey practice. He has 3 staples in his head but will be fine. He got hit, his helmet got caught on another player and flew off. He fell back and hit his head on the goal post and ice. He has a cut on his scalp and has a mild concussion….one of the spoils of being a goalie. He and my husband thought it would be “funny” to send picture but no explanation! I was not amused. We got up at 4 am to catch our flight and get the photos via text. Had to wait till we got home for the details. Again, Mom was not amused! Probably good thing I was not there!

I am back to work finalizing the materials for the St Louis retreat projects. I will have a limited number of Reservations for the projects for those not attending early next week. I will have videos that will post on the day we do them in St Louis for those who reserve kits and for the attendee’s. I want everyone to feel included even if they can’t join us. (don’t worry, those attending get some special goodies….)

Looking forward to seeing you all on Friday as we continue to work on the Dazed and ConFused Album.



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