Oh my…..it is so overwhelming and heartwarming to see what you all do with my designs and patterns. From the very beginning of my journey in the world of paper, back in 2009, my one true goal was to plant seeds of inspiration. My hope was always to inspire you to create. Whether you do exactly as I do or you take a leap of faith and tweek and change to make a project your own, I just want you to create! I feel so blessed to have so many who have stuck with me through the good times and the bad times of the past 7 years!

Over the weekend, I was able to get a good chunk of the backlog of Turn the Page 2016 pages, etc (in both written and video) up for those who have purchased either the Binder kit or the electronic version. I still have two more pages that should be up by tomorrow and another two pages by the end of the week. After that, I will be releasing at least 2 pages and one other element each month. Whew, glad to be close to back on track.

The written tutorials are available to download in your account and the videos are available under the Paid Tutorials tab on the website. I am working on the best solution to make videos available for those who want them available without internet. I won’t be doing the USB and DVD option this time as it has been a nightmare to provide. Stay tuned while I get this one figured out.

As a thank you for you patience as I struggled to get this project back on schedule, I will have an extra 4-6 pages that I will add in randomly as I can. These will be pages that I did not originally plan to do and you may have to add materials to create sample if you have purchased the binder kit. I still have to get together written tutorials for some of the new bindings but the video tutorials for those have full info to create them. I have one more binding to introduce in August….possibly more after that one.

This week I will continue to work on the two remaining Simple Favorites tutorials as well as the upcoming Vertical FotoFile Album pattern. I am also working towards starting to ship out the TTP 2016 Binder kits starting next week. As I have noted on Ustream, it will take a few weeks to get those all out. I so appreciate your patience!! Other projects are not forgotten, you can check out the Project Status tab to check on where things are in the lineup.

I am super excited to see what you all do with the latest Turn the Page system! This project is a massive undertaking each year but it truly is a labor of love that pays off when I see what all of you do with it. Who would ever have guessed what it would become from the ustream ramblings from that day in June three years ago! I am planning to release more Turn the Page kits in the near future!

So many ideas and plans and so little time….

Heres a bit of review regarding the concept of how the Turn the page systems work. The pages from year to year are interchangeable. Each year has different pages and new elements. Many of the bindings and cover types are repeats from year to year but new ones do get added frequently.

For those of you new to my Turn the Page Mini Album System, it is a series of pages  for mini albums that can be mixed and matched to suit your needs. There are a variety of binding methods that work with all of the pages as well.  You will receive written tutorials for all pages as well as exclusive lifetime access to videos to construct pages viewable on my website. Here is a video that explains the original Source Book.

The Limited Edition 2016 Turn the Page Source Book kits are still available. The Limited Edition Binder Kits include a signed, custom printed binder, all the materials needed to create sample pages and the binder dividers, etc. You can also purchase the electronic version of any of the Source Books and use your own supplies. I will have a limited number of binders available that can be fitted with a supplied sticker to make it suitable for any of the available years.