I have had a few emails and  and questions regarding the Turn the Page Source Book system and kits, so I decided to clarify a few things regarding the Kits, Add-ons, and Suppliments and what those things include.

For this system there are two type of “kits” – The Binder Kit and the Electronic kit. The easiest way to think of them is that the Binder Kit is like any of my kits…it has materials that are physically mailed and the instructions are send electronically for you to download and print. The Electronic Kit is much like my patterns – there is nothing physically shipped to you, it is sent to you electronically for you to download and print.

Both of these kits have a new component for me – the video tutorials as part of the kit. Typically, my class videos are recorded from my Ustream shows and are available for free viewing on my website. I will continue to use this method for as long as I am able. These Archived videos are unedited and include all the chat and chatter from the live Ustream shows. With this Source Book system, the video tutorials will be available to view only by those who purchase either the Binder Kit or the Electronic Kit. Access to these videos will limited to those who have purchased EITHER kit. We are still working out the details regarding access. For security purposes, the videos will not be able to be downloaded for viewing off line. (which is why I offer the video Add-on option) When the patterns and video tutorials are released, you will also receive instructions on how to access the videos.

To clarify, the two kit types include the following:

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Those who purchase EITHER of these kits will have the opportunity to purchase an add-on to the kit. I have had several requests over the years to have my videos available on DVD. Many have limited internet access or wish to have the videos in a portable format to view offline. DVD’s are starting to go the direction of the cassette tape and the VHS tape. Most new laptops to not even have a reader included on the machine. Thus, I am offering the option of the video loaded on a USB Memory Stick (thumb drive, flash drive,that-little-storage-thing…whatever you want to call it! LOL!) The DVD/USB add-on will continue to be available for this project for as long as there is demand.

This DVD/USB is, however truly an optional add-on. You must have purchased either of the kits AND the DVD/USB for me to send you the DVD Or USB stick. Any purchase of the add-on without having ordered either kit will be refunded….it is an ADD-ON and not a substitute. It is also an OPTION. Everyone who orders either kit will have online access to all of the videos. This is merely for those who want the videos on a portable format. The videos will be individual videos for each page, binding, or cover and each is estimated to be 10 to 20 minutes in length. You will not need to sit through hours of videos to find the page instructions you are looking for. These recorded and edited videos will not have any extraneous chat, etc. The videos will be available to view in a format similar to the current Archived videos.

In the future, I may offer Supplements to the Turn the Page system…..additional pages, bindings, etc. These will be available to purchase and add to your binder as they come up and will not be released at specific intervals.

The Binder Kits are currently available for Reservation. The kits will physically ship at the end of August. The Reservation period will end around the 12th of August. All who purchase their kit during this period are guaranteed to receive the kit. Have no fear, there will be kits available beyond those reserved. Once the reservation period ends, I establish the number of kits I will be offering based on the experience of doing this for 5 years now…I wish sometimes that I had a crystal ball!! Once the number of kits are established, that is how many kits will be assembled. When they are gone they are gone.

An alternate to the physically shipped Binder kit is the electronically delivered Electronic kit. It includes all of the written tutorials and access to the videos. You can then assemble your own binder and samples as you chose.

Currently, only the Binder kit is available for Reservation. The Electronic kit will be available closer to the release date for the Binder kit.

If you are planning to order the electronic Kit, please do NOT order the DVD or USB at this time. The add-on currently is set to ship with the physically shipped kits and does not include additional postage. When the Electronic Kits are available, the DVD/USB will have postage included as it is to be physically shipped. Any orders of the DVD or USB by those wanting the Electronic version will be refunded until the Electronic kit is available.

This system will be used on many future album projects but will not be used exclusively. When a project and kit  comes up that will use the Turn the Page system, it will be clearly noted.

I hope this clears up some of the questions that have arisen! Please feel free to contact me (email preferred over Facebook) if you have further questions.


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