I have a couple of updates that I want to pass along:

The Chocolate Chip cookie tags are up in the archives under Patterns/Downloads

Those of you with Spring Fairy House Reservationsmay have noticed that the order in you account says”cancelled”.


Don’t panic!

There was a glitch in the system when we moved the site to dedicated server space. The glitch caused the system to incorrectly list all of the Spring Fairy House pre-orders as cancelled. Orders have not been cancelled. We are working to correct this issue. Be assured that your order is not cancelled unless you contact me directly to cancel your order and have received a refund. I am hoping to have the house sample done this week. The Blooming Impressions tools have shipped….can’t wait to play with it! Those with Reservations will have their tool shipped to them later this week (before the kits ship in about two weeks) as their Reservation bonus. Reservations for the Spring Fairy House will end tonight so that I can finalize product quantities. Ala Carte Kits with the tool and without will be available. I will also have the tool only available in the shop as soon as they arrive.

Next, I will be putting the Ala Carte Pet Shoppe and Sports Shoppe kits up today at 1 pm PDT. These kits will start shipping by the end of the week. The pattern will be available the following week. I will also have a handful of the Ala Carte Tea Shoppe and Couture Dress shoppe kits available at that time as well

I will have the videos for the last couple of Ustream shows up in just a couple of hours. I took my kids to the movies yesterday after the show and we got home late. Felt like I was in an alternate universe – they actual managed to not fight with each other for an entire afternoon and evening! We saw the movie “Divergent”. It was a good movie….of course now I have to read the second book to find out what happens next!