Fortunately I had already rescheduled tonights class to tomorrow early last week. I am pretty sure I have a sinus infection and I do not have a great voice right now. I will determine if I can do class in the morning by late this afternoon. I am determined to get these butterflies started by Sunday! That class will happen no matter what!!
I am getting Papillion kits shipped out today, tomorrow and Monday.
The Photo Anthology 3 Mixed Media kits will go out before Christmas. The pattern is nearly complete and as soon as I have enough voice I will do the videos.
I will be working on the Vintage Dollhouse (Southern Belle House) pattern after Christmas. I should have the pattern and sample done before New Years. We will do this on Ustream in January. Working on additional kits for those who don’t have them.
I have the Fairy Godmother House/Alchemist House designed and am doing the math and dimensioning. I will be putting the kits up late this afternoon (Dec 18). I will also post a sketch of the House. It will be very true to the sketch. Quantities are limited as these are papers I have been hoarding for the right project and are no longer available. We will be doing this project on Ustream in Jan/Feb. Early January is crazy so I am trying to get a jump on these so I can get them out early.
The 2nd Kit and CaDoodle Kit goes out just before and after Christmas….yeah, I’m really late on this one. The Third one (and last of this trimester) will go out right after I get back from CHA. I plan to unveil the first Paper Trail Kit Club kit before I leave for CHA.
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