I feel like I have been moving in slo-mo mode since returning from Cha a couple of weeks ago. The post CHA slump is normal….It is a crazy time of year that starts in early October and doesn’t stop till the end of the show in Anaheim. Typically it is just a few days to a week. This year, the bounce back has been more of a struggle.

Because my energy and mojo has been on hiatus a bit, the January Bird Abode has been a slow struggle. As a result, we are going to work on the November today on Ustream (I know! Novembeer!! The pattern has been available for some time, but I know many of you like to have the video to work along with). We will work on the January BA on Friday and next Wednesday. I am going to take this Saturday off the schedule as well. I will work the February Bird Abode into the schedule and also get the  December video done this week. I am feeling on the fringes of burn out and so I am going to just ease up a bit. The Photo Pholio and Winter Fairy House will remain as scheduled.



I have also finally gotten out the over 70 prizes from Thanksgiving, New years and CHA. Thank you all for your patience as this took considerable longer than I anticipated. I still have a few that I have to contact for an address.

Here is a quick peak at the January Bird Abode. We will start this on Friday. The pattern will be up by tomorrow.


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